Sustainable impact to the quality of care

1 in 20

patients will contract a
hospital-acquired infection (HAI).

Healthcare needs a solution.


each infection

~$7 million

annual expenses per hospital

~$45 billion

healthcare problem

Limitations of today's tools

  • Everything is done by hand
  • Thousands of surfaces to cover
  • No room for human error

Patient perception

  • New laws (section 2819) require public reports on performance
  • Patient has a choice in facilities

Clinical burden

  • Increased pathogen resistance to antibiotics and cleaning agents
  • Surfaces remain contaminated for months at a time

Financial burden

  • HAIs add 8-19 days length of stay
  • Medicare reimbursement is withheld from hospitals with the highest HAIs

The Future of Disinfection is Light

Produced by the sun, ultraviolet-C is a safe and effective
technology within the right application.


PurpleSun is transforming healthcare.

FMUV Shadowless Delivery! TM

PurpleSun's full exposure of target areas with light provides little to no shadowing to ensure complete disinfection and no pathogen resistance

Patient Safety

PurpleSun promotes patient safety through the highest quality in environmental and FMUV treatment for the purpose of disinfection.

Quality with Savings

PurpleSun offers the opportunity for improved quality, and savings in time and materials.

Deeper Knowledge

PurpleSun's industry knowledge lends deeper appreciation for healthcare's micro challenges.

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