Yasmine Jaber, Director of Healthcare Solutions

Yasmine leads our customer development and commercialization initiative as PurpleSun’s Director of Healthcare Solutions. Her passion for developing strong relationships and innovating Healthcare operations goes hand in hand with our mission: To provide better quality, better care and lower costs.


Prior to PurpleSun, Yasmine was a top member of the GE Healthcare Perioperative ASC sales team managing accounts and developing new business across the New York tri-state area and all of New England. She’s worked with some of the largest health systems in the US, and major Healthcare companies such as Smith & Nephew, Pfizer, and Stewart Medical to name a few. She’s flourished in cultivating a thriving territory and long lasting relationships in each experience along the way and continues to do so here at PurpleSun.


Yasmine has a BS in Healthcare Administration from Florida Atlantic University where she discovered her passion for improving Healthcare through medical and tech innovation.