Connected Software & Analytics

PurpleSun’s secure software connectivity enables seamless, real-time, actionable data, and analytics. A mobile application solution that offers health systems direct communication to track machine health, usage, training compliance, and other important data.

* PurpleSun’s self-contained software solution is fully independent of hospital IT systems and tracks non-PHI data only.


The tools & data to drive continuous improvement

The tools & data to drive continuous improvement

workflow metrics

  • Tracks protocols

  • Optimizes user engagement

  • Promotes user engagement and collaboration

  • Benchmarking data for usage

  • Tracks machine health metrics

Rich Database Asset for Hospitals

  • Shareable protocol compliance data

  • Training and protocol documentation

  • Administrative-only access to documents and support

PurpleSun Remote Service Capabilities

  • Remote user support and help desk

  • Assess operational issues

  • Trending analysis to promote user competencies and additional training

  • Continued protocol optimization

Product Portfolio

Equipment Treatment: E300

A modular paneling system powered by FMUV that treats every surface of healthcare equipment for the purposes of disinfection in 90 seconds.

Learn more about E300
Treatment: E300
Full Space Treatment: SPACE-1

A modular device powered by FMUV that provides full room illumination for treating entire spaces or rooms for the purposes of rapid disinfection.

Learn more about SPACE-1
Treatment-SPACE-1 Treatment-SPACE-2