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Resorts Hotel Casino playing it safe by installing PurpleSun's FMUV light disinfection technology
Resorts Hotel Casino playing it safe by installing PurpleSun's FMUV light disinfection technology

Resorts Casino Hotel and PurpleSun are working to ensure the safest gaming and entertainment environment for its guests amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Resorts Casino Hotel is taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously and are leading the gaming industry by installing our hospital-grade UV-C light technology. The hotel and casino was introduced to the state-of-the-art technology through Hackensack Meridian Health, one of the country's top medical institutions, and it quickly became a part of Resorts' Play Safe, Work Safe plan to responsibly welcome back guests and team members after its closure due to the COVID-19 crisis.

"PurpleSun's mobile FMUV light technology will ensure our sanitization process is by far one of the best in the gaming industry," said Mark Giannantonio, President and CEO of Resorts Casino and Hotel.

While PurpleSun has been successfully used throughout hospitals and medical centers to disinfect, sanitize and kill bacteria and viruses, Resorts' 942 guest rooms, 80,000-square-ft of casino space, bars, restaurants, spas, and meetings rooms offered a new challenge. The PurpleSun Space-1 device, however, was up to the task as it is specially designed for easy mobility, transformation to fit complex and large spaces, and rapid disinfection to save time.

"With a combination of our deep industry knowledge and being on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, PurpleSun is equipped to offer greater insight for sustainable environmental health and safety strategies that will benefit our customers in the long term," said Luis F. Romo, chief executive officer and founder, PurpleSun. "Partnering with RESORTS will demonstrate our ability to serve the gaming and hospitality industry to support the health and safety of its guests unlike any resort has seen before."

If you'd like to learn how PurpleSun can help disinfect your equipment or space in 90 secs, please get in touch with us.

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