Luis F Romo, Founder and CEO

As PurpleSun’s founder and CEO, Luis F Romo is responsible for creating and evolving the company to deliver value to stakeholders, including patients, healthcare workers, investors, and members of the board.

Romo began to design and develop medical technologies during his training at Syracuse University. Over the past 8 years, Romo devoted his time to studying, analyzing, and immersing himself in the healthcare industry. He has spent thousands of hours shoulder-to-shoulder working and listening to the challenges and triumphs of many healthcare providers and researchers. His unique edge is derived from an on-the-ground value identification approach.

Distinctions received for his work include a 2011 grand prize from the New York State Business Plan competition, Recognized within the 2011 GEW’s TOP 50 Most Promising Startups Globally from the Kauffman Foundation, and multiple invitations to the White House. Building true relationships and partnerships that yield sustainable results is something he sees vital to growth.

He holds both his bachelors of science and a master’s of science degrees in biomedical engineering from Syracuse University.