PurpleSun is an early stage healthcare technology company based out of New York City. We are focused on providing smart, light-based technology solutions to the healthcare industry for infection prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

Our company’s novel light technology platform will be utilized throughout the continuum of care, within hospitals, long term care and surgical centers.  The smart devices will set the stage for patient safety through the highest of quality in medical equipment disinfection.

Our goal is to prevent healthcare acquired infections, which will ultimately save lives, reduce costs and enhance safety for patients and caregivers. Our clinical data proves best in class efficacy and performance of our platform, and positions PurpleSun to illuminate the healthcare arena.

purplesun vision


System wide solution specially
designed to achieve optimal
clinical and patient value


Creating the first light
based standard for
disinfection technology


Strategically support the
industry to move from liquid
to light solutions with the utmost of care

why did we start, why are we doing this.

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    Birth of a company aiming to transform healthcare

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    • Grand prize WINNERS NYS business plan competition $60,000 seed funding
    • Top 50 most promising startups from around the world!
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    • Endorsement from CTO of Health and Human Services
    • Invited member to the White House CEO Healthcare and Innovation Forum
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    • Growing expertise in light based technology in cooperation with Syracuse, Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center
    • Invited attendee at The White House North East Business Leader’s Forum on jobs and the economy
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    Secured angel investments to move from concept to pre-commercial build

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    • Successful validation testing completed by Weill Cornell Medical Center, NYC
    • 1st abstract submitted & published in IDSA 2014, demonstrating superior efficacy with 90 second disinfection cycles
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    • Growing a Global Patent Portfolio
    • From Bench to Bedside with 2nd Abstract Submitted and Published in IDSA 2015 by Weill Cornell Medical Center
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    Northwell Health (15th Largest Hospital System) formulates strategic partnership to support commercialization of PurpleSun’s novel light based solutions

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The most common complication of hospital care

1 in 20
hospitalized patients
will contract a HAI
(AHRQ 2009; Martone 1992)

Complications add significant health care expenses

  • Each infection ~$23,000
  • Annual expenses per hospital ~$7,000,000
  • $45 billion dollar healthcare problem

Clear limitations exist with today’s tools and technologies for disinfection

  • Everything is done by hand
  • Thousands of surfaces, never enough time
  • No room for human error in patient care

industry knowledge lends deeper appreciation for

healthcare’s micro challenges

Cause and effect: Contaminated surfaces have two modes of compromising patient care

Type of Bacterium
Duration of persistence (range)
Clostridium difficile (spores)
5 months
Enterococcus spp. Including VRE and VSE
5 days – 4months
Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA
7 days – 7 months

why healthcare is in need of a solution

Clinical Burden

  • Increased pathogen resistance to antibiotics and cleaning agents
  • Surfaces remain contaminated for months at a time
  • PurpleSun’s full exposure of target areas with light provides little to no shadowing to ensure complete disinfection and no pathogen resistance

Patient Perception

  • New health laws (section 2819) require hospitals to publicly report on performance
  • The choice of where to receive care is at the discretion of the patient
  • PurpleSun promotes patient safety through the highest quality in environmental and medical equipment disinfection

Financial Burden

  • HAIs add significant costs and ~8-19 days to average length of stay
  • Medicare reimbursement will be withheld from the hospitals with the highest HAIs (average penalty >$438,000/hospital/year)
  • PurpleSun offers the opportunity for improved quality, and savings in time and materials

How can we accomplish our vision together?

advantages unique to PurpleSun


Physics based model
that is measurable,
reliable, and reproducible


90 second disinfection
cycles irrespective of
distance or position


No need to evacuate
room during use for
optimized workflow

One of a kind platform for light delivery

The medium for disinfection is light

Produced by the sun, ultraviolet-C is a safe and effective technology within the right application.

Reaching the next level of environmental hygiene

Stepping back and looking at the challenges from a macro perspective, it is clear that hospitals have limited infrastructure, staff and resources, but an ever growing population and rates of admissions. How do we maintain a high level of quality for patient care and the environment when we are solely reliant on yesterday’s limited technologies? A faster, easier, better, automated solution is needed and this is where PurpleSun will help the industry reach the next level.

Invitro Data: Eradication of Medically Important Multidrug Resistant Bacteria and Fungi

  • Kills all clinically relevant multidrug resistant organisms
  • Germicidal performance demonstrates reproducibility and reliability
  • Data showed rapid kill of organisms independent of inoculum load


Clinical Data: Disinfection of Medical Equipment and Surfaces using a Novel Focused Multivector Light System

Testing the use of PurpleSun on medical equipment and work areas in patient rooms.
(no prior mechanical cleaning performed)

  • 32 patient rooms
  • 250 objects
  • 1,500 culture samples
  • Triplicate sampling pre and post 90 second FMUV cycles



Building Partnerships,
Building Value

One of our most valuable traits as a company is the ability to build strong and lasting relationships. With these capabilities, we believe in working together every step of the way. When we commit to a strategic path and partnership, we maximize and deliver on our promises – always. As a testament to our values and pristine corporate hygiene, we have earned the trust for financial, industry and clinical support from the NorthWell Health System, which is the 15 largest in the country. As of January 2017, Northwell is supporting PurpleSun to commercialize its light technology solutions for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Our nationally recognized partners are helping us to make significant in-roads in treating hospital acquired infections.  Each has a very defined role in bringing PurpleSun to the forefront in technology advancement for creating and delivering the most robust solution on the market today.

A special Thank You for the dedication to innovation and leadership throughout the Northwell organization for rising with PurpleSun for all patients and hospitals to benefit.


Meetings at The White House

Nov 20, 2012

The White House North
East Business Leader’s Forum on Jobs
& the Economy

Jan 11, 2012

UAlbany NanoCollege announces
winners of New York State
Business Plan Competition

Apr 28, 2011

Founding a Company to Transform
Healthcare and Infection Control

Feb 20, 2011


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