Sustainable impact to the quality of care

PURPLESUN is a technology company on a mission to transform healthcare by creating the first non-chemical based standard for disinfection. Our novel light-based products provide healthcare facilities with the fastest, data-driven, sustainable solutions for infection prevention.

What is the true impact of hospital-acquired infections? Down

A new era of value-based healthcare is focused on quality.

In order to improve care, lower costs and improve operational margins for payers and providers we must implement infection prevention precautions.

1 in 20 patients will contract a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) during their stay

Infections not only harm patient health and trust but also hospital profits. Additional care due to infection is rarely fully paid for. Lower the infection rate and you’ll see healthier patients and economic savings.

The clinical & economic Loss from Infection


Deaths per year resulting from HAI’s in the US alone

annual deaths resulting from hospital infections


total number of patients with HAI’s in the US per year

annual infections


cost per infection


annual costs for US healthcare providers

Why embrace new infection prevention methods?

Limitations of today’s tools

Everything is done by hand

Thousands of surfaces to cover

No room for human error

Clinical burden

Increased pathogen resistance to antibiotics and cleaning agents

Surfaces remain contaminated for months at a time

Patient perception

New laws (section 2819) require public reports on performance

Patient has a choice in facilities

financial burden

HAIs add 8-19 days length of stay

Medicare reimbursement is withheld from hospitals with the highest HAIs

Healthcare needs a solution.

Making the Impossible Possible



PurpleSun is the only technology company with the full sustainable solution to automate hospital disinfection for complex medical equipment and patient rooms. Our novel light-based technology takes ~90 seconds and is 99.99% effective. FMUV Shadowless Delivery essentially removes human error and variability in the current labor intensive manual-chemical process while saving time.

Technology Pillars for Success



~ 90 Seconds


No Need to Evacuate Room

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